The goal. The moment you decide to force your mind and body to take one more step, to really make it. The moment you are determined to reach your goal. Choosing the people who will stand by you in every difficult and demanding step along the way, is as important as creating a family. In Progame we take care of each and every member of our family, so as they can be dedicated to their goals. In Progame we reassure the enhancement of public image, the implementation of the social media strategy, as well as, the search for sponsorsiphs, so you can remain constantly committed to your goals.


Every event in the world of sports is filled with excitement and in Progame we believe that this excitement and enthusiasm must constitute the core of our chain process. High quality services, professionalism, devotion and passion are the strategic values we believe in and our vehicle towards success. The experience, the knowledge, the nurture of every last detail and the trust of the people through all these years, have already defined our place in the industry. Today, we continue to create projects that perfectly adjust to the needs of the communities to which they are addressed. In Progame we take care of sustaining and refining your ability to live and share authentic experiences and fascinating stories. In other words…

”We live for Sports”


It is important that in every event, whether large or small, the stepping stone should be to appreciate and recognize the reciprocal benefits of each partner. We believe, though, that it is even more important to have the ability to distinguish the right partners. In that way we set our goal in developing long-term collaborations that can represent and align the values of each member.


We live for Sports, and Sports is our passion. That passion is what leaves us restless and leads us to the top throughout all these years. It’s all about our persistence to do better, the need to channel everything that sports have to offer to the world and the conviction that we can invigorate and highlight every initiative until it reaches the top. By overcoming every challenge we believe that together we can, and we will, accomplish even more.





Our mission is to constantly reassure the requirements that satisfy the needs of the athletes, as well as our partners, while supporting and monitoring their progress through long-lasting collaborations.

In Progame we maintain the notion that every human being, every event and every form of partnership constitutes an entity by itself, and in that way we manage to keep up with the vision that each one of the above outlines. It is our main concern to participate from our position of responsibility and at the same time to contribute in achieving the maximum outcome. Within our mission lies the strategy development that promotes professional sports and, secondly, high level sport events which represent the quality of sports in our country.