Why Choose Us

In Progame, the core needs of the athletes is our priority, and so we embrace them to achieve every goal.

Furthermore, we want to create trusting relationships, lasting and beneficial partnerships, so as the athlete’s effort and commitment to pay off.

Our experience guarantees your success

In particular, it is well known that in the world of sports and championships you must constantly remain active. Your performance and conquests can determine your continuity in the sport’s fields. In Progame, we appreciate and value the people who speak through their souls and remain loyal to their goal. It is those people who make us proud and those who we ferociously believe in. Thus, we choose to overtake every obstacle and to generate new opportunities for them to keep doing what they were born to do. Sponsorships constitute the safety net with which you can become truly unstoppable, become the better version of yourself thanks to your own abilities and thanks to the support of those who believe in you. Our members, utilize every knowledge and opportunity in order for you to reach your goals.

In Progame, our actions and initiatives have a direct impact to the society. Athletic events, either of a larger or smaller scale, invite you to live in the pulse of their intensity and unique moments.

‘We live for Sports’, and we prove it through every event we implement, beginning from planning and promoting and concluding with an excellent execution and evaluation. Our goal is to create projects that inspire, and to constantly exceed our limits.

But I must explain to you



We ensure mutually beneficial partnerships by creating pairs appropriate to express the values and philosophy of both parties. Every partnership is treated as a customized process so to be able to reflect on everything that an athlete and sponsor want, as a group.


In Progame we have the know-how to create and propose attractive events of unique interest, creating competitive advantage for each of them. In the same way, and throughout the process, we vouch for the quality and success of the events. We are Progame. One of the reasons of our pursuance to develop events that focus on sports is for these to become milestones in local communities and offer experiences to people of all ages, communicating the merits of sports through participation.


Creating an effective social media management strategy is a challenge by its own. In Progame we have the knowledge-based ability of targeting our goals and delivering the required result. Likewise, our mission is to create and manage interactive accounts with engaging content, enhancing our influence and boosting brand awareness.